Integrity - Bravery - Honor

Falcon FlameWing


Talon HellHawk


Guardian BoneHead

Team Sgt.

The Oath of The DoomWatch Patrol.

"I do hereby swear, That I will honor and respect the mission of a true Superhero.

 I will not pick up a firearm or a blade of any kind.

 I will not harm any citizen or go above the law. 

 I will fight apathy.

 I will fight for truth.

 I will Intervene only when necessary, and become prepared to risk my life, for the life of another.

 I will live my life as an outstanding citizen, whether wearing a mask or not. 

 Integrity, Bravery and Honor - These are our values, these are our goals. 

 These are words, and these words are apart of us."

                                                 "We are, The DoomWatch Patrol."