Dave Montgomery


Dave Montgomery founded a Real Life SuperHero group known as "The Black Monday Society" in 2006. Himself and a few friends would patrol the streets of Salt Lake City late at night, and would recruit people along the way to join them in their cause.. The group eventually disbanded in 2013 due to newer members quitting after a few patrols.

Not all RLSH stopped patrolling, in the group there were two members who loved putting on a super suit, and helping the needy. Those two RLSH were "Falcon FlameWing" and "Talon HellHawk". 

Dave put his mask and the B.M.S. behind him, but in his wake he founded the RLSH group now known as "The DoomWatch Patrol".
and left Falcon and Talon to do their best against fighting apathy, and helping those in need.

"You become a symbol and there is alot of responsibility with that. We can take someone having a bad day, and help them out to make it better. Having confidence to walk the streets and help people you don't know. It takes a special breed of stupid, but that ok, it works"

The DoomWatch Patrol.

Are you interested in becoming a hero?

The Doomwatch Patrol is a newer group of Real Life Superheroes or "Costumed Crime Fighters" from Salt Lake City, Utah. We are trying to establish a legitimate, tactical Community Watch/ Apathy Fighting group that will provide both legal, drug identification, and basic self defense training to those who choose to participate. Doomwatch patrols the streets of Salt Lake to inspire the people to do good things and improve the community, BUT we do it in a way that is noticeable to the public, promotes activism, and feeds that raging nerd inside of you. We patrol to deter crime, help with the fight against poverty, follow first responder rules, intervene only when necessary and report all crime to the local SLCPD.

commitment is a must with Doomwatch. You must be willing to Patrol at least twice a month minimum.  Although most nights are going to be uneventful, there will be times when you will and must get involved. Doomwatch is a "you signed up and knew the consequences" type of group. Doomwatch will not be held liable for injuries that may, and possibly will transpire.

Are you ready to fight apathy and help your community? 

For inquires, general questions, or if your ready to join the cause, Message us today!

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